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Extreme Upgrade of Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank for Vanguard Battalion Units.


1) Improvise L55 Gun Barrel Power by using “Rotational Fiction Welding” a 1.31m Short Gun Barrel onto an L44 Gun.

     Refer to http://gunextensiontol55.euroau.com



2) Anti-thermal paint to mask off sight from Apache Helicopter & it thermal missile.



3) Install 1 Advanced Light Attack Missile on the back of the turret, capable of engaging:

     •Armour Vehicles (close-combat killing zone to 5-25 km)

     •Buildings & Command post

     •Hovering Helicopters




4)       i) Convert to an 1800 HP Petrol Engine (reuse of existing Renk HSWL 354 transmission - just replace 3 gears with different ratio).



ii) We provide Leopard 2 SG Engine power upgrade to 2,000 HP with Dual "Two" Diesel 1,000 HP - MT 881 Ka-500 bottom mounted together after 90 degree rotate to the right & another to the left with additional a power transfer box (2 engines direct drive shaft gears to drive Transmission main shaft) use for NATO 130 mm or 150 mm main Gun heavy weight application.
The width & height of the Dual "Two" MT 881 Ka-500 engines dimension fit comfortably in the original Leopard 2 A4 1,500HP engine compartment.

Options on Power Transfer Box, Direct Drive Gears or Planetary Drive Gears are for sale from us.
The Dual Engines Power output ranges from 1,800 to 1,900 HP.



5) Install Oxygen & Nitrogen Life Support Kit for River Crossing & Beach Head Landing.



6) Install Radar System to detect Infantry Soldier & Vehicles.

     •Walking soldier 3.5 Km

     •Crawling soldier 1 Km

     •Light vehicle 7 Km